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“We Create Engaging Digital Content”

We like to keep our contents hot and Spicy in the market for a significant impact.  As a Tribe we are tightly united under one goal and swiftly move through the drastically changing digital currents.  Regardless of the area we are working in our priority is to spice up our client’s brand and make it HOT in the industry it is in. With our proven strategies, your business is bound for wild success.

Social Media Management

  • Consumer relationship engagement

  • Interactive environment

  • Strategic content planning

​​​Content Creation

  • Engaging content

  • Artwork creation

  • Videography/Photography


  • Brand marketing strategy

  • Digital marketing optimization

  • Mobile business strategy

Asian Audience targeting

  • Asian Market analysis

  • Cultural Insight

  • Media distribution planning

Design & development

  • Web/APP development

  • Informational architecture

  • Rebranding

Integrated Solution (Asian American)

  • Based on Analysis of Asian Consumer Behavior

  • Mass Media + New Media

  • Marketing insight and ROI


“Megook-unni is a Korean-american media channel

‘Me-Gook-Unni’ provides mobile friendly content across multiple digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Our contents introduce to our subscribers entertainment informantion 

such as must-visit American restaurants/event recommendations.

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Our platform can keep accurate records of ad exposure rates through Facebook, but

many other Korean media companies boast inaccurate and false data and resources 

simply to add money to their own pockets. Our media channel can effectively leave a lasting impression to our viewers through providing useful and engaging content to our followers. 


Please let us know if your company want to reach out to Korean-American community. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Work

MIGA, Illinois, Content Marketing
SAKANAYA, Illinois, Content Marketing
Shin Imaging Center, California, Website Development
SAKANAYA, Illinois, Content Marketing
KOTRA Chicago, Illinois, Recruiting Promotion
SAKANAYA, Illinois, Website Development
MIGA, Illinois, Photography
SAKANAYA, Illinois, Facebook Event
MIGA, Illinois, Content Creation
Mirae Law Office, Illinois, Website Development
MBC America, California, Event Promotion (Reached 71,910 Korean ppl)
Wonwoo EF Engineering, S.Korea, Poster Design
MIGA, Illinois, Brochure Design

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